3rd Annual Primary Mathematics Conference | Differentiating Maths: How To Do It | Saturday 17 August 2019 | Campbelltown Catholic Club, Sydney
3rd Annual Primary Mathematics Conference | Differentiating Maths: How To Do It | Saturday 17 August 2019 | Campbelltown Catholic Club, Sydney

Anita Chin

Founder & Learning Strategist K-8
Anita Chin Mathematics Consultancy, NSW

A leading expert in Australian primary mathematics education, Anita works with schools across Australia to transform teachers and executive team members into confident, inspired mathematics educators and leaders. She does this by delivering a deep, whole-school understanding of the mathematics curriculum, along with innovative teaching techniques that inspire and delight.

Anita is the founder of Anita Chin Mathematics Consultancy, which supports and inspires teachers and leaders through tailored workshops, demonstration lessons, team-based conferences and whole-school interactive learning frameworks. Anita’s work includes her well-loved PL offerings and her series of mathematics resource guides covering equipment, books, readings and websites that Anita has handpicked from her personal collection and that she frequently uses in schools. She loves taking primary educators on a journey of discovery, transforming them into confident, inspired mathematics educators and leaders, and helping to build the next generation of deep mathematical thinkers.

Anita will be speaking on:

What does whole-class differentiated instruction look like?

This unique hands-on workshop gives you the opportunity to engage in activities and experience what whole-class differentiated instruction looks, sounds and feels like.

Learn how to orchestrate your maths lesson to cater for the needs and abilities of all learners in your classroom using simple but effective visual models and equipment. Experience how Anita uses mathematical language to differentiate instruction and embed mathematical language in the classroom.

All participants will leave with a copy of the resources ready to use the very next school day, including:

  • daily number sense whiteboard insert sheets
  • language word walls for teachers and students
  • scaffolded worksheets
  • talk prompt cards
  • printables,
  • Anita’s ChinTEACH document for using dominoes.

Year Level: K-6
Relevant for: Early career teachers & their mentors, experienced teachers, maths leaders, exec & Principals.

Leading maths: Must-have tools to build teachers’ capacity to differentiate

Are you a maths champion leading change at your school? Wondering how to support your teachers with their individual learning needs to differentiate best-practice instruction? Anita’s ‘Leading Maths at Your Primary School: A must-have Toolkit’ may be part of the solution you are looking for! Based on the transformative Whole-School Approach to Mathematics K-6 Model (2018, Waugh & Chin) you will engage with several must-have tools from Anita’s toolkit to empower you with building your teachers’ capacity to differentiate instruction.

Learn how to use the following tools and take them back to school for immediate use with your whole staff:

  • ChinHOW tips for building content knowledge
  • ChinTALK language development sheets
  • A guide to essential visual models
  • Anita’s teacher reference book resource guide
  • One ChinTEACH resource for planning and implementing whole-class differentiated instruction, and
  • An observation assessment checklist template.

Finish the session by conducting a Health Check to diagnose your school’s strengths and weaknesses and help you progress your school’s whole-school approach journey.

Year Level: K-6
Relevant for: Experienced teachers, maths leaders, executives and Principals.

Anita will be referencing:


Anita recommends:

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